Emma Wright features in Telegraph discussion on AI in healthcare

The potential for AI to contribute to healthcare has become increasingly apparent as technologies are developed to be used in fields as varied as ophthalmology and psychiatry, and AI starts to outperform doctors in diagnosing conditions such as breast cancer.

But as the capacity for AI to assist doctors and healthcare professionals has grown, concerns over how these technologies are deployed and regulated have not disappeared.

Last week, the Telegraph noted the importance of trust to making these technologies a successful addition to health services, suggesting that “getting the public on board with machines and AI is likely to be a tricky task”.

Hasan Chowdhury reported that “Emma Wright, director at the Institute for AI, has urged legislators around the world to work faster to agree “common regulatory standards” that might help win the trust of the public.”

There is still a long way to go, with the British Computer Society reporting that “(53%) of UK adults have no faith in any organisation to use algorithms when making judgements about them.”

If the potential for AI in healthcare is to be truly harnessed in the coming years, legislators will need to work together quickly and formulate regulatory standards that can win public trust.