Legislator Roundtable: COVID-19 Mobile Tracing Apps

At the Institute of AI we were pleased to host our first roundtable discussions on 21st and 22nd May 2020, bringing together legislators from around the world to discuss AI and COVID-19 mobile tracing apps. Hearing their perspectives was invaluable.

Following this series of digital roundtables with Darren Jones MP, Emma Wright, Luciano Floridi and politicians from many countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Australia and the USA, the Institute is calling for greater international cooperation regarding the regulation of COVID-19 tracing mobile applications and their potential continued use in countries after the pandemic is under control.

Key themes of the roundtable discussion included ethics and AI, the balance of power between the state and the private sector, the scope of apps, transparency and communication, utility and effectiveness, integration and international collaboration, privacy and trust, data use, legislation and Parliamentary oversight, bias and discrimination, digital access and literacy, and the long-term, post-pandemic implications of these apps.

Participants: Darren Jones MP (UK), Lina Munoz MEP (Spain), Mattia Fantinati MP (Italy), Dieter Janecek MP (Germany), Joakim Jarrebring MP (Sweden), Dr Anne Aly MP (Australia), Congressman Jerry McNerney (USA), Emma Wright (IoAI), Professor Luciano Floridi (IoAI), Fran O’Leary (IoAI), Roa Powell (IoAI).