Legislator Roundtable: Vaccine Passports

We were delighted to host our latest legislator roundtables today, discussing the potential rollout of digital vaccine passports with legislators across the world.

We were joined by Carly Kind who shared the important work the Ada Lovelace Institute are doing in this area.

So many important questions were raised as legislators discussed whether the science supports a reliance on vaccine passports, whether these systems could increase inequality and discrimination and whether the digital technologies adopted can guarantee data protection.

In particular, legislators focused on the long-term implications and the importance of creating a system which is interoperable across the world.

We continue to be grateful for the widespread interest from parliamentarians, with participants joining us from across six continents, including legislators from Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Slovakia, Latvia, the USA, France, Portugal, Chile, Romania, India, Kenya and the UK.

These conversations continue to be a unique opportunity for legislators to share both concerns and best practices, and we look forward to many more in the future.